CONTACTAL HPG - 5 kg bucket


CONTACTAL HPG Conductive and Protective Paste


Conductive and protective paste for aluminum electrical contacts.
CONTACTAL® HPG is a preparation primarily composed of mineral fats and various fillers including zinc. The charges of a selected particle size and geometry cause, when the contact is tightened, the rupture of the alumina layer which covers the aluminum. The contact is both improved and protected.
- Improved electrical characteristics of the contact, specifically developed for fittings with bare aluminum. Nevertheless, CONTACTAL® HPG can be used on Alu / copper contacts
- Protection against corrosion, against external pollutants (dust, vapors, electrolytes ...).
- High Drop Point.
- Resistance of the paste to oxidation.
- Good resistance to runoff.
- Good adhesion to metal surfaces.
- Low oil bleed. (homogenize the mixture while stirring necessary)
- Consistency that allows its use in a wide range of temperatures (- 40 ° to + 150 ° C).
- Storage Stability
CONTACTAL® HPG Pastes are used to advantage for:
- The electrical connections of the power transmission (line equipment ... )
- Contacts on busbars and braids (feeding ovens, electrolysis tank, etc ...)
(Warning: use, in this case, only the CONTACTAL HPG, N190 or N250)
- Filling Gussets.
- Electrical contacts on rolling stock
- Power electronics contacts, improved evacuation calories
- Contact protection Tin-plated aluminum.