CONTACTAL® is a registered trademark encompassing a range of products and annexes for welding applications and especially for the protection of electrical contacts. On this site, we will present only the technical solutions concerning conductive and protective pastes of electrical contacts.

History: These pasta were developed in the 1960s / 1970s by the PECHINEY group in collaboration with ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE (EDF). One of the objectives of this collaboration was the development of protection for aluminum contacts of power lines.

Today, the manufacturing processes have not changed, nor the different components making up these pasta. Only the range has expanded, currently there is a range of 8 types of paste CONTACTAL to best adapt to the various applications in terms of conductive products, anti-corrosion protection or for the evacuation of calories .

Currently, our products are used around the world because in many cases, these products are effective, are imposed by large public or private groups. The major players in the nuclear, rail, electric, automotive and other industries use these compositions that have proven themselves and respect the environment and the user.

With some clients / partners, we develop compositions based on each person's experience and future needs. The packaging is also adapted to the requirements of the user.